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Pugsley Addams


This is my little tribute to actor Ken Weatherwax, Pugsley in the original Addams Family TV series, who passed away yesterday. Chas Addams is one of my all time favorites illustrators and one of my biggest influences, I highly recommend you take a deep look at his work. He was a real master.

Thanks for reading!

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Interview for TV today at the studio


Today people from Teleclip TV came to the studio to record an interview. This is a TV channel for kids and teens and this interview is going to be part of a series about “original jobs”. They want kids to know they can do different things for living, and being an illustrator is one those jobs.

I have answered a few questions, shown the way I work and told the process of creating an illustration, from the first sketches to the published version.

It´s been quite fun and I think we are going to show some interesting ideas and tips to anyone who wants to be an illustrator or just know a little more about this job. I´ll tell you when it comes “on air”!

Thanks Teleclip TV for the work and thank you for reading!

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