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Happy Star Wars Day!


May the Fourth Be With You!!

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Guest Artist at Garabato Fest in Sevilla


El próximo 31 de Octubre participaré como invitado desde Chicago en el Garabato Fest de Sevilla, contando cómo trabajo y “despedazando” en detalle algunas de mis ilustraciones. Me hace mucha ilusión participar en un festival de ilustradores españoles! Ya os iré dando más detalles!
I´m a guest artist at Garabato Fest in Sevilla, next October 31st. I´ll give a talk from Chicago about my work and illustrations. Really excited to be part of an event with Spanish illustrators! More details soon!

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Topher Mohr´birthday present


My little birthday present for my friend and great artist Topher Mohr. After playing in Mayer Hawthorne´s band for many years he is now ready to release his second solo album. I am proud of creating the artwork for his records, all based on creatures with tentacles from the PH planet. More info here:

My Ice Bucket Challenge


Let´s defeat the ALS!! 


World Elephant Day

Today August 12th is World Elephants Day, a day to remember and help these absolutely amazing animals. More info at:

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Happy Birthday, Charlie Chaplin!

Happy Birthday, Charlie Chaplin!

Yesterday was Charles Chaplin birthday, born on April 16, 1889. Happy Birthday, genius!

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