HOUSE OF CLOCKS book cover


House Of Clocks is the new book for young adults by British writer Amelia Thorne. This is the sinopsis:

“A summer holiday with an uncle in Amsterdam flings timid Alice into a world that she had never even dreamt of.

Lucas Van Duren is working on a secret project that if successful, will have massive global impact. A great many people would like to get their hands on the plans – people who would stop at nothing to get them.

But the project is not the only secret in Lucas’s mysterious ‘House of Clocks’. Lucas’s housekeeper Tineka, and his assistant Fred are not all they seem. Even the house itself seems to have a life of its own…”

It´s an awesome book, I couldn´t stop reading! And I love time travel stories, too!:)

When she contacted me for the assignment she sent me the book and told me it was meant to be the first one of a trilogy. That was important because we were going to need a common detail for the three covers, and that was going to be the way the title is written.

This is the story of Alice, so we wanted her on the cover. No more characters (at least in the first book): it´s her journey, she is the hero.

I also thought that the word “clocks” was very strong in the title and it means time, so it was a great symbol to talk about time travels and emphasize on the title of the trilogy.

These are the two sketches I sent to Amelia:

– Sketch 1:


It shows a typical Amsterdam house turned into a cuckoo clock. Alice is trapped inside of it, her scream for help comes out from when the little door opens to tell us what time it is. We also have a kind of “logo” in the title to connect the following books.

– Sketch 2:
In this one we see Alice coming out from being “squeezed” by time. She is “spitted” from the clock mechanism. It snows during a big part of the story, but the snow around her was taken out from the final illustration (made the letters of “clocks” harder to read).
Our main concern with this design was how to make the title readable, to make it stand out from the cogs and wheels. We would use the color to get that in the next step.
 – References.
Amelia loved the second one (my favorite, too!) so I started my reference research. I got dozens of clock mechanism pictures, but honestly this was the only one I used at the end:
Intricate mechanisms inside a grandfather clock
I needed one with clear wheels and cogs with shapes that let me “write” the title with them, and this image was perfect for that.
– Illustrations.
These are the original drawings of the Clock and Alice:
I drew Alice separately so I could work on the details.
I decided to hide her eyes in the final version so they didn´t “tell too much”, it´s better if the reader imagines her expression.
The color palette for the clock went from bronze to different tones of grey and that let me use more vivid colors to stand out Alice from the background.
– Alternate Version.
I did two versions: white and black background. This is the white one:
– Details.
Some details from the final cover:
I hope you enjoyed this “travel” through the creation of the cover: now you can take a time travel reading the book!
It is a GREAT book, you are going to enjoy it!!
Download the eBook here:
Thanks for reading!

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