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Society Of Illustrators


Excited to announce that from today I´m a proud member of the Society Of Illustrators.
Created on 1901 to “promote generally the art of illustration” by Mark Twain and Andrew Carnegie between others, it´s the most important illustrators´association in US.
I´ve visited their Upper East Side headquarters many times when living in New York city and now I am honored to be accepted as one of their members.

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Another character!


He is a fraud. He isn’t a colonel and in fact has never even been in the army. He just really liked the outfit. He is now a bit embarrassed by the fact that he spends his whole life dressing up and pretending, so has turned to crime to deal with the shame.
We are one day closer to see ALL about these books!!

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New Character

photoShe is absolutely ruthless, but nevertheless tries to conserve a ‘beautiful’ exterior. Her efforts at looking sweetly pretty do not hide the fact that she is in fact a monster in human form.
All the characters and details about these books coming out soon!

More at FragosoArt.

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