Interview for TV today at the studio


Today people from Teleclip TV came to the studio to record an interview. This is a TV channel for kids and teens and this interview is going to be part of a series about “original jobs”. They want kids to know they can do different things for living, and being an illustrator is one those jobs.

I have answered a few questions, shown the way I work and told the process of creating an illustration, from the first sketches to the published version.

It´s been quite fun and I think we are going to show some interesting ideas and tips to anyone who wants to be an illustrator or just know a little more about this job. I´ll tell you when it comes “on air”!

Thanks Teleclip TV for the work and thank you for reading!

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2 thoughts on “Interview for TV today at the studio

  1. José Ramón says:

    ¡Espero que lo pongan en alguna web y lo podamos ver al otro lado del Atlántico!

  2. fragosoart says:

    Pronto lo veréis, José Ramón! Os mantendré informados!;-)

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