How NOT to do things


When working in any artistic field you sometimes find people who don´t respect your work or just think that an artistic creation can be used or adapted whenever they need it, no matter who actually made it or if they have the legal rights to do that. Every now and then you find one of this unpleasant situations, but this one I recently lived is one of the most unusual (and pretty annoying).

This is one of the illustrations I did for a book about autism that has just been published in Spain. It was part of a group of black and white illustrations and represents how “rigid” an autistic teen can be, when every step he has to take can be as difficult for him as he was walking inside of cubes (you can find the rest of illustrations I did in the section “MORE” at my website).

Client didn´t need a cover illustration as they already had one, so now is where we find an example of how NOT to do things: the publisher decided that my idea of the cubes was better than their cover illustration, so instead of asking me to do it in color, he decided that he could create “its own version” of it… well, this is the result:


What do you think? Apart from the better or worse artistic side, this is simply unacceptable. When client buys an illustration, they buy THAT illustration only and not the idea if you haven´t specified that in the contract (of course, that didn´t happen).

I was quite frustrated when I got the book, and after talking with them I knew that nor me or the author was informed about this and it was a decision taken only by the publisher: everything is clear now.

My questions are: how can a professional publisher do this? How can an artist accept to do this? Was the artist informed about the details of what he or she was doing? Totally not professional and really unpleasant.

As I told you (thanks God) it doesn´t happen often, so let´s forget this and move on to more exciting things: thanks for reading!


4 thoughts on “How NOT to do things

  1. Oh man does this suck!

  2. fragosoart says:

    It really sucks, Aaron: you never know where you´re going to find a not professional company. Thanks for reading!

  3. Kristen says:

    That’s really unprofessional of them to have done to you, Jose. And who did the illustration, do you know? It looks like the publisher just sat down and tried to copy what you created…and fell far short!

  4. fragosoart says:

    Totally unprofessional, Kristen: and I also think that they kind of trace my illustration… depressing!!

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