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Animated Story Board for ad at the US Open

These days the Us Open is taking place in NYC, and it means a great window for companies to show cool ads usually related to tennis. Westin Hotels is one of them and Picture Farm, a production studio located in Williamsburgh, has made a really cool ad for them.

The idea was to get an intimate look of the Hotels showing that they take personal care of their clients, so Picture Farm decided to use stop motion technique to get that feeling. I worked with them to draw all the animated story board,  a necessary step in order to decide all the poses and times before the actual shooting.

We made two different ads (one of 10 and one of 15 seconds) with some differences between them.

Here you can see my animated story board and the final results for both of them:

10 Seconds animation and ad:

15 seconds animation and ad:

What do you think? I think the results are fantastic! I´ll see them live at the US Open tomorrow (I never miss it!).

Thanks for reading!