Monthly Archives: July 2011

Running Mouse


A fatty mouse running to get in a hole: another excerpt from the children´s book I´m working on. More to come!


Picture Farm map

I drew this location map for Picture Farm, a production company in Williamsburg NY (brush and ink: see it on their website here). They are by the Williamsburg bridge and they make really cool work, check them out!

Devil little girl


Another excerpt from the book I´m working on right now. More (even the one who she is going to push) soon!!

Little Mouse

Long time since my last post, but lots of things have happened: best news is that children´s book Puggle In Pajamas is finished and off to the publisher (will be out in August!). Also I am currently working in a “long time project” with no permission to show anything until it´s published (yes, it´s a book). This little fatty mouse is part of it… I will post small details so you can try to imagine what is about!

Apart from that, I hope I can show you some other works I´ve been working on soon (as soon as they are “public”). Thanks for your patience…