New York Comic Con

Hi everyone! Just back from 2010 NY Comic Con, I wanted to tell you a quick review about my visit. I was promoting the new children´s book to be published before the end of the year (I can´t tell more about it!) and S.O.S. Songs from outer Space, the comic book-opera by The Brass Buttons illustrated by me.

It was my first NY Comic Con and I must admit that I got impressed: such a huge comic convention, with an enormous audience and almost every publishing house there (except Fantagraphics… maybe I missed them!).

Apart from the fun and spectacular video games stands and the anime section, I found most of it quite interesting and I could talk with lots of artists and publishers. It is great to talk with so many people from the comic industry, from self published to big publishing houses, all in the same day!

Exhausting but very productive day , I hope we get some good news from these conversations and I am looking forward to next year´s San Diego´s Comic Con, even longer and bigger…

These are some “classic comic convention” pictures I am sure you are waiting for!:

Thanks for reading!


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