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Hands are an extremely important part when drawing characters, so I think they deserve a post in my blog.

These two illustrations are from the comic book S.O.S. that I´m working on right now. They tell us something: two characters (a woman and a man: one little stylized hand and the other bigger and stronger), who were together and then they separate each other.

Apart from the story that a hand can tell, the way they are drawn will help us to give credibility to the character and will make us get a stronger image.

Even if the characters are not drawn in a 100% realistic way (as you can see in the next illustration), drawing well proportioned and well defined hands will make our characters look much more credible and interesting.

Hands are one of the most difficult things to draw for many artists, specially drawing five fingers instead of four!

There are many techniques of drawing hands, like the one my teacher and friend artist Josh Bayer told me: he draws cylinders for palm and phalanxes, and then “cover” them with flesh and nails. This is a very useful technique and help us to get a well articulated hand with volume. It would be something like this:

Any technique is useful and anyway of drawing them that makes you feel comfortable is OK. In my opinion there is nothing like taking a picture of somebody´s hands and use it as a model.

Here you have another example of how defined and proper hands make an illustration look strong:

Gram Parsons´ hands are the most important part of this illustration: the way they are drawn make us feel the petals and wind between his fingers.

Thanks for reading!