Monthly Archives: June 2010

More from S.O.S.

The two projects I´m in now go forward, but for the moment I can only show you some details from them: like these romantic panels from S.O.S., the new comicbook-record by The Brass Buttons.

More news to come: thanks for reading!!


My new BP logo

The oil disaster in the Gulf of Mexico is really dramatic and the way BP is handing it is extremely frustrating: of course they could have prevented it and they could have done much more and much faster to solve the oil spill. So sad.

The guys at website have created a great contest: create the new BP logo that shows their real face.

This is my design, I hope you like it.

Thanks for reading.

New panel for S.O.S.

Here you have another panel from S.O.S., the comic book that will be published with the new record by The Brass Buttons. The line work is almost finished, so as soon as I begin the coloring I will post some samples here.

Thanks for reading!

New projects

Hi everybody!! Sorry for not having news from me lately, but I am working hard on two new projects and I can not show anything until they are published!! (soon, don´t worry!)

One of them is a children´s book to be published in USA, and the other one is a comic book for the new record of the band The Brass Buttons, that will be out in Spain probably in summer. The panel in line work that I´m showing you is part of this project: what´s happening? What is he looking at? You´ll have the answer soon! Stay tuned!

Thanks for reading!