First illustration of a series dedicated to songs by The Kinks. This one is for Apeman:

“I don’t feel safe in this world no more

I don’t want to die in a nuclear war

I want to sail away to a distant shore and make like an ape man”

I first worked on other sketches that were rejected, and I think it was a good thing because it made me get to a better result:

I was focused on mixing the “elegancy” of the human being with an “ape” touch, but I noticed that instead of the “human with a monkey touch” idea, it was much stronger the idea of an “ape with a human touch”.

After studying the song, I saw that creating the nuclear bomb is by far what makes the human race feel close to an ape… (maybe lower than an ape!)

This is the black and white drawing:

The rest of the series soon!!

Thanks for reading!


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