Love Unique from Sugar Mountain, out now

Today I´ve got at my apartment in NY a package from Spain that has just made my day: Love Unique, the new record from Sugar Mountain.

Sugar Mountain is a great american rock band from Galicia, Spain. They got in touch with me last May to make the artwork for their new record. The band takes care of every detail of their work, so they wanted to get a “handmade” look of the whole album according to their meticulous care of their music.

I was living in Holland by then, so they sent me a bunch of emails with pictures of their recording sessions: the idea was to get a comic style version of those sessions, using just black and white and their “corporative” red color.

This is the front and the back cover´s design.

And these are the printed versions:

I did the all the artwork with a Pentel Pen brush and added some details with a nib and Multiliners of different sizes. After that, I added the red parts digitally.

From the beginning we wanted the package to be a digipack, because it would work much better with the whole artwork giving it a look of paper comic book.

Their name is also their kind of logo, so I handmade it to be part of the whole design.

The booklet has twelve pages, with one or more illustrations each, using also black, white and red. Illustrations make reference to details of each song.

Here you have another couple of pages from the booklet.

You can get the record at the Ernie Producciones website´s store.

Thanks for reading!

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2 thoughts on “Love Unique from Sugar Mountain, out now

  1. Javi says:

    Great work damnit!

  2. SEIGA KUHARA says:

    Fantastique !!! I LOVE IT !!!
    If I were a New Yorker , I could say “That’s SICK!!!”
    Good joooob Jose !!!!

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