Living with Miss Ulcer

Hi readers! After a couple of weeks when I couldn´t update the blog, here I am again with new illustrations to show you.

I´m making the illustrations for a children´s book I´ve written. It tells the story of four kids who live with their new adoptive mother Miss Ulcer, a lovely old woman with long ear lobes who lives in an ancient mansion in midtown Manhattan, with her blonde and chestnut bad tempered chihuahuas and a quite special sense of beauty…

Above you have one of the illustrations, whith the children, Miss Ulcer, the chihuahuas Fixed and Neutered, and the social worker who visits them to confirm that everything is OK with the kids.

This is one of the sketches I made for it. You can notice the evolution of Miss Ulcer´s character compared to the final illustration: now she has a smaller head, bigger nose and a stronger image. And also one more kid than the final version!

Here you have another illustration for the book, dinner time with Miss Ulcer. Menu for tonight: warm and bitter ponies´ eyes soup.

Stay tuned to see more illustrations and the final composition with the text of each page.

Thanks for reading!


2 thoughts on “Living with Miss Ulcer

  1. Marina says:

    joer podias hacer los dibus de alguna peli de tim burton, me recuerdan un montón!

  2. fragosoart says:

    Vaya elogio, Marina!! Esto emociona a cualquiera!! Un beso!!

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