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Werewolf & Vampire, color

This is the colored version of the first drawing of the series Werewolf & Vampire.

Following some good advises, I´ve sharpened vampire´s ears and put his shirt collar up to make him look more like a real vampire. I´ve also sharpened his face so he looks older.

I´ve tried to use the same tones in all the illustration, lighting up their eyes and faces. I´ve added textures to their bodies and shadows, leaving a plain background.

This is a second version with all the black lines and a “more rounded” head of the Vampire, as seen on the sketch:

I´ll will continue with the color in the following illustrations of the series.

Thanks for reading!


Werewolf & Vampire, sketch 2


I didn´t have a lot of time this week to work on it, so just a quick sketch of our two characters doing the dishes. More to come!