Werewolf & Vampire


This is a comic strip series I´m working on. It has no name yet, so I´ll call it “Werewolf & Vampire” for now.

It tells the story of a Vampire and a Werewolf who share an apartment and try to get along with their jobs, rent and social life.

Here you have the sketches of two of them:



Even the characters in the sketches are very cartoonist, I wanted to try the same characters in a more realistic way what maybe could give them a bigger contrast and make them more funny.

I took the second strip situation and made this first sketch:


I saw that a frontal view would be more efective, so I did this:


This perspective is much stronger, so I went for it.

Next step is color,  a quite important decision as on it depends the look of the comic strips.

Thanks for reading!


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