Eiji Tsuburaya


Eiji Tsuburaya was a japanese director of more than 250 films from 1940´s to 1970´s. He is best known for being the creator of Ultraman and Godzilla movies.

The fact of working with big “creatures” has created really strong images of his film sets, where his relaxed attitude contrasts with the ferocity of his monsters, giving it a great surrealistic air.

I first started with the sketches of some of the photos I got:

3031200212_7cde966f55 Tsuburaya1SKETCH

2476613585_0a99d3b35c Tsuburaya2SKETCH

I tried also to draw a more detailed background, but the idea doesn´t work as the main figures get lost in it:

3297054060_4dd8ccf51c Tsuburaya3SKETCH

Then I did some tries with some plain colour patches on the sketches to see if they worked better than the “actual” colours :




And finally decided to add plain “actual” colors to the illustration and leave a plain colour on the background to make it stand out.

Thanks for reading!


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