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Werewolf & Vampire


This is a comic strip series I´m working on. It has no name yet, so I´ll call it “Werewolf & Vampire” for now.

It tells the story of a Vampire and a Werewolf who share an apartment and try to get along with their jobs, rent and social life.

Here you have the sketches of two of them:



Even the characters in the sketches are very cartoonist, I wanted to try the same characters in a more realistic way what maybe could give them a bigger contrast and make them more funny.

I took the second strip situation and made this first sketch:


I saw that a frontal view would be more efective, so I did this:


This perspective is much stronger, so I went for it.

Next step is color,  a quite important decision as on it depends the look of the comic strips.

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Eiji Tsuburaya


Eiji Tsuburaya was a japanese director of more than 250 films from 1940´s to 1970´s. He is best known for being the creator of Ultraman and Godzilla movies.

The fact of working with big “creatures” has created really strong images of his film sets, where his relaxed attitude contrasts with the ferocity of his monsters, giving it a great surrealistic air.

I first started with the sketches of some of the photos I got:

3031200212_7cde966f55 Tsuburaya1SKETCH

2476613585_0a99d3b35c Tsuburaya2SKETCH

I tried also to draw a more detailed background, but the idea doesn´t work as the main figures get lost in it:

3297054060_4dd8ccf51c Tsuburaya3SKETCH

Then I did some tries with some plain colour patches on the sketches to see if they worked better than the “actual” colours :




And finally decided to add plain “actual” colors to the illustration and leave a plain colour on the background to make it stand out.

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Above is one of the pages from Happyville, the new comic book I´m working on. It tells the story of the small village of Happyville, lost in the middle of the snow mountains, just at the end of a glacier tongue.

Religion and caribou hunting move their everyday lives, but this soon will change after a surprising appearance on the snow: something that can change their life forever…

The idea comes from my last year trip to Perito Moreno´s glacier in Argentina, where I started thinking on a story about small minded people with small worlds and how they are destroying the planet.

This is one of the pictures I took at the glacier:


These are some other pictures of mountain towns I´ve used to create the village:


Caribous and their meat are an important part of the story, so I worked on some sketches of them.


I like how big their horns are, so I wanted to draw them even a little bigger to reinforce that look.


Then I went into the characters design. The most important ones are the main character (with no name yet) and the priest.

I wanted the main character to wear a goose down jacket: I don´t remember a lot of comic characters who wear one, so I think it could be a good distinctive detail (the same for the “furry” hat!).


For the priest, Peter Lorre was first image that came to my mind. His childish face, bulging eyes and short height were exactly what I was looking for this wolf in sheep’s clothing.



This is the first page where the main character appears:


More characters…


Comic Sketches VS Final Art

Having all this information, I begun with the sketches of the first pages. I usually start with the sketches of the first part of the comic, and then go with the final work of them before finishing the sketches of the whole comic book. I do that because the final work helps me to visualize the story better than the sketches, so even if I have to change some things afterwards, I prefer to do it this way.


The idea is to use a very small color palette, and let the white snow fill the page.




The sketch of the next page was too simple and weak, so I changed it in the final art to a more dramatic image, adding a kind of spider-sense to the caribou when he listens the load of the rifle. Also I used these two pictures to draw the eye and the caribou on alert (the first picture actually is a cow´s eye, but it was useful!).



And then comes the most powerful moment until now:


…and when the red color appears for the first time.


And then we see Happyville, the location of our story (this page is not finished yet, it needs more work in the background):


I´ll keep updating the blog with more details of Happyville.

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